The Simpsons Make Fun of Donald Trump's Luscious Hair

Mmmm … golden waves of hair!

Troubled Campaign in New Teaser
The Simpsons has never shied away from making political jokes, whether it was Mr. Burns endorsing Mitt Romney or vote fixing in Springfield. The latest target is none other than presidential hopeful Donald Trump and his famous head of hair. In a new teaser for the long-running comedy’s 27th season, Homer gets paid to stump for the business mogul, and before he knows it, is drawn into The Donald’s flowing tresses.

“Oh, it’s so wispy! It’s a gravity-defying combover,” the Simpson family patriarch marvels as he floats among the waving strands of hair.

As Homer continues his “Trumptastic Voyage” through the golden locks, references to Trump’s recent troubles float by: a canceled parking pass at NBC, a Miss USA sash blowing in the wind, a Macy’s credit card reading “Get Lost,” and more.

Though The Simpsons is poking fun at Trump, it had its own share of drama in May when Harry Shearer, who voices Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Smithers, and more, revealed he wasn’t returning to the award-winning show after 26 seasons due to a contract dispute. But just yesterday, Fox announced that Shearer, along with the other principal voice actors, are all returning for the 27th and 28th seasons.

The Simpsons returns Sunday, Sept. 27, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Watch the teaser above and tell Us: How many digs at Trump did you find?


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