Bill Gates and Neal Stephenson drive into the future in a Tesla in VR

The entire in-car conversation is captured using a 360-degree camera

Taking off tech icon hat
Science fiction meets technology in the very best way in this short three-minute video posted by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates earlier this week.

In the video, Gates takes off his tech icon hat and becomes a fan as he meets up with famed science fiction author Neal Stephenson to talk about the latter's latest novel Seveneves.

As we mentioned earlier this week, the book is on Gates' summer reading list this year. On his website, Gates gives a brief review of the book, writing, "Seveneves reminded me of all the things I love about science fiction. It is a great novel to get lost in, learn from, and think about. More than anything else, it has me thinking I should get back to reading sci-fi again."

But the coolest part of the meeting of Gates and Stephenson is the exceedingly tech-infused context in which it occurs.

The two men, who both live in Seattle, hop in a Tesla (possibly the most futurist car you can buy right now) and the entire in-car conversation is captured using a 360-degree camera, which means you can view the conversation using a virtual reality headset.

It's not as long as or as in-depth as Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, but it's easily the best sci-fi-tech meeting of the minds we've seen in a long time. This should definitely become a regular VR show. Please get on that, Bill.


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