TV shows we wish would make a comeback!

Is TV not as good these days?

Which one is your favourite?
We took a look at our favourite shows we would love to make a comeback!

Sex and the City

TV just isn’t the same anymore! There are so many amazing shows on in the '80s and '90s that we wish they would bring back from our favourite dating shows, to Americansitcoms and high school dramas! Oh, and our most missed, Sex in the City which featured our favourite fashionistas and their complicated love lives! Carrie and co helped many of us get over everything from a horrible break-up to a friend fall out, and lets face it, we could watch re-runs all day long! Thank goodness they bought out the movies!

Saved By The Bell

Every kids who lived through the '90s knows this programme and they LOVED it! Tears were shed everywhere when it ended. Sob.

Absolutely Fabulous

Great news, sweeties! Ab Fab star Joanna Lumley has finally got her wish! The show's creator Jennifer Sanders has finally agreed to write the film, hooray!!


Rumours of a reunion have been circulating for years, but we really hope these guys return to the famous Central Perk sofa one day!


Most weekends weren't complete with an episode of the sassy, America teen drama, 90210. Today's remake just ISN'T the same!

Blind Date

We often wonder how people find love nowadays without the help of Cilla and her matchmaking skills!

Only Fools and Horses

OH Rodders! Sunday afternoons and Christmases are MADE for Only Fools and Horses reruns. The loveable brothers are as funny know as they always were.

Fawlty Towers

Who could believe that family-favourite Fawlty Towers ran for just 12 episodes?

Crystal Maze

Rumour has it that recording one series of the game show used as much electricity as a household does in 50 years. Maybe the decision to cancel it was best for the environment…

Family Affairs

Despite plenty of re-vamps over the years, the show came to an end back in 2005. We would love to see a reunion in 2012 - a 10-year break is long enough!


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