The Ghetto Games is still The Most Insane Dunk Contest in The World

The Ghetto Games Kings of Air Dunk Contest

Latvia hosted the event

The Ghetto Games Kings of Air Dunk Contest went down yesterday and although I was hoping to see the masked pit bulls, low riders, Roy Jones, Superman and the dunkers getting lap dances (seriously) like last year, I can’t say I was disappointed. The Latvia hosted event remains the most entertaining dunk contest in the world and here’s a few reasons why!

The Hosts Coming Out on Horses

The Dunkers Coming Out on Custom BikesThis was a little more PETA friendly than the Bane looking Pit bulls.

A Slap the Backboard CompetitionRemember when Dwight Howard slapped a sticker of his face on the backboard during his first NBA dunk contest. Most of these guys are 4-6 inches shorter than Dwight and jumped as high or higher than Howard.

An Appearance By The Lords of Gravity

5’5 Porter Maberry Doing a Tribute to 5’7 Spud WebbBut this is a dunk Spud could only dream about pulling off.

5’5 Porter Maberry Jumping Over 2 People!

Dunks You Have Never Seen In a NBA Dunk Contest (Jus Fly Under Both Legs)

White Guys Named Jordan Dunking Better Than Michael Jordan


Multiple High Flying White Guys

A Dunk Over a Motorcycle

A Crazier Reverse Dunk Over a CarIf only Blake Griffin would have jumped over Baron Davis like this.


And a Michael Jackson Impersonator….

What More Could You Possibly Ask For?Yeah, i’m not sure what’s going on here.


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