Add a spiral staircase to any tree

A proper spiral staircase to any tree

It is just a concept
All children would like a tree house, somewhere where they can go and sit and read and just hang out and call their own. The typical treehouse that the majority of dads build are made from old left over timber and have a rope ladder for the kids to climb to get into the treehouse.

However CanopyStair will add a proper spiral staircase to any tree, if it goes into production. At the moment it is just a concept, but it looks great and is easy to install around a tree.

The Spiral Staircase was designed by Thor ter Kulve and Robert McIntyre and it can easily be wound around any tree, with or without a treehouse on it. This means that when used with a treehouse, accidents can be avoided as the children won’t have to rely on the rope ladder to get up to their treehouse. The CanopyStair Tree Stairway features ratchet straps that allow it to be fastened to the tree quickly and securely and each step is attached to it using a tripod frame of cast aluminium. This means that it is relatively stable when used. The steps are made from birch plywood and the stairway has black plastic handrails, railings of ash wood and treads with rubber on them for safety.

At the moment the CanopyStair Tree Stairway is only a concept and we have no idea as to whether it will reach the production stage. If it does, it would make treehouses around the world safer and of course it is a lot more aesthetically pleasing and easier than trying to climb into the treehouse using the rope ladder.


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