9 things every parent of a little boy can relate to

They might have us running round all day and up all night

We can’t imagine life without them!
They are fun to dress…

What’s cuter than a little boy in dungarees, or dressed up all smart for a special occasion in a tiny jacket? Whether your little man looks cute in cashmere like gorgeous Prince George, or likes to wear his kicks like the Beckham boys, there’s nothing likely to melt our heart more than our toddler tot all dressed up.

…which is a shame because they HATE clothes!

Unlike little girls who quite like to dress up, toddler boys hate being restricted in clothes. Especially smart ones! The less clothes the more the fun. Naked? Even better!

They ARE Action Man…

Literally! The more little boys are thrown around and rough and tumbled, the better! They climb all over the sofa, jump on each other and run, smack, into you! And it’s always funny!

You have a well-stocked medicine cabinet

No matter how well you watch them, whose keeping an eye on them, or where you are, your little tyke is rambunctious and accident-prone – so a few bumps and scrapes happen now and again! You know a few tears and a scraped knee are just par for the course though, and after a plaster and a hug, he’ll be up and running about again in minutes!

They rarely listen!

Come here. Come here now! You can ask them again, again and again but boys don’t like to be told what to do! Even your best ‘mum means business’ voice doesn’t cut it very often!

Everything gets covered in pee!

As a parent of a little boy, you know this well! From the toilet floor, to the wall and their clothes! Boys just seem to get their pee – everywhere! Fact.

They pull funny faces

From a young age boys seem to get a knack for pulling funny, cheeky faces! From a screwed up nose to a frustrated concentrated frown, boys love to be animated – just look at cheeky little Prince George!

It’s gonna get messy!

Food all over their faces and down their arms, sand thrown everywhere, bath water all over the bathroom, sticky fingers… the list goes on and we know it well! Little boys aren’t afraid to get messy and make mischief – too bad for mum and dad who have to clear it all up!

They are great at snuggling…

Is this possibly the best bit abut having a little boy? They are so affectionate and just love hugging and kissing their family. His affection is pure and simple. He loves you and he isn’t afraid to show it.


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