Good-For-Nothin’ Seagull Steals Poor Couple’s Camera

These birds are thieve

Trust no seagull!
If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that seagulls aren’t to be trusted — there can be no exceptions.

If you recall, we recently shared a compilation video of seagull thievery that gave this claim some weight. Think your food is safe during your beachside picnic? Think again, pal! They’ll snatch the burger right out of your hands (and literally steal candy from your children, those jerks).

Don’t be fooled by any videos you may find of dancing seagulls who bend the mold — these birds are thieves through and through (though, admittedly, it sure makes for some hilarious home videos).

Look no further than the goofy video below taken by a misfortunate German couple who fell prey to one of these feathered criminals. On a nice day at the beach, they thought they’d capture the scenic view on their handy GoPro. They set it down for a moment unattended, and the next thing they know it’s being scooped up by a good-for-nothin’ seagull who made them run for it while he flew a short distance with it in his beak.

Presumably, the camera proved too heavy (or too difficult to eat), because he eventually left it on a ledge where it was retrieved and uploaded for our entertainment. But if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s trust no seagull.


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