23 Times Minions Just Totally Got Your Life

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1: When someone leaves you a voice mail and you have to check it just to make the notification go away

2: When your friend won’t shut up about their new bea

3: When your jam comes on at the club

4: When you show up to a party at a friend’s house with more people than acceptable

5: When you know the juiciest gossip in the office and you have to tell someone

6: When you got your BFF’s back

7: When the boss leaves work early and you’re left unattended for the rest of the day

8: When your friend hooks you up with your favorite jam at a party

9: When you finally own the dance floor

10: When you suddenly realize how much work you have to finish before the weekend

11: When you unexpectedly run into your ex with their new boo

12: When you have to do chores around the house and there’s no one home

13: When you reach your credit max and you don’t get paid for another week

14: When your friend gets back together with their loser friend after you admit you hate them

15: When you’re having a great day and someone just killed your vibe

16: When you’re hungover but still needs to show up for work

17: When you’re in a room with people you don’t like and you secretly text your friend about it

18: When you see ” it ” for the first time

19: When you don’t have a care in the world

20: When you see your girlfriend after being apart for too long

21: When you can’t reach something in the kitchen, but you insist on doing it yourself

22: When you find $5 in the pocket of a pants you haven’t worn for months

23: When you talk to your grandparents and they ask if you’re dating anyone


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