Two Tiny Baby Deer Nuzzle Up To A Man On The Side Of The Road

Baby animals choosing humans as foster parents

This is a cute family
You know what? As citizens of the free world, it is our right to pick our own families, however strange they may look from the outside. In this case, ‘free citizens’ might mean, ‘baby deer.’ And, boy, is this a cute family.

Hey, if these adorable piglets can do it, why not these little guys?

In this video, it’s not entirely clear what happened to separate these baby deer from their biological mother. The only thing we know for certain is that somehow, two tiny fawns showed up on the side of a logging road.

The two are each napping on the side of the dirt road, about 20 yards apart from one another. When a logger driving an approaching truck spots the precious cargo blocking his path, he gets out of his truck to make sure they’re alright. The bond between man and baby deer is instantaneous.

There are precedents for baby animals choosing humans as foster parents, like Kamina the gorilla, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a critter trying so hard to win her chosen human over.

Though one fawn just sits quietly, the other makes concerted efforts to woo her new favorite human with a variety of adorable tactics, including, but not limited to: nuzzling, nudging, and batting her beautiful doe eyes. It’s clear that these little guys decided pretty quickly that they know who their new mommy is going to be.


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