Baby Can’t Stop Giggling As Dog Does Special Spin Trick

The most amazing videos you could ever hope

Dancing dog and laughing baby
If you love adorably talented doggies and you love perfectly cute baby humans, then this is quite possibly the most amazing videos you could ever hope to find in the history of the internet.

The video is perfect in its simplicity. A beautiful little white pooch seems incredibly interested in whatever is going on off camera; meanwhile, the baby seems to be having the time of his life and just cannot stop laughing at the cute antics of the white dog!

The baby continues to laugh at the dog, when suddenly, the pup stands up on his two hind legs and does a special trick. The beautiful dog performs an adorable “spin move” that gives the baby a new case of the giggles!

By the end of the video, we finally discover what exactly it was that the dog was spinning for, and we’ve just got to say he certainly earned that little treat! We’ve watched and rewatched this heartwarming video, and it honestly gets better each time.

Which part is your favorite? The best part is when the pup stands up and sings at the 1:12 mark; with the baby offering some beautiful backup vocals this video is about as perfect as perfect can get!


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