Elle Macpherson Continues to Defy Age

Rocks Teeny Bikini at 51 and Looks Amazing Doing It

Fifty-one and never better!
Elle Macpherson looked amazing in a teeny bikini while vacationing with her husband, Jeffrey Soffer, in the South of France.

The Australian supermodel, who has been famously defying age for years, opted for a teeny tiny string bikini while yachting near Monaco. Macpherson has been vocal about how she keeps fit, promoting her brand Welleco’s supplement The Super Elixir.

"I've learned that an alkaline body and pH-neutral body is a healthier body," she told E! this past March. "Many people believe that it combats disease, encourages cellular renewal and therefore is anti-aging. When all of our 11 body systems are nourished well and detoxifying properly, they are in their optimal state."

Aside from taking her supplement, the supermodel credits drinking “3 liters” of water a day, and no matter what, Macpherson says she does “45 minutes of something a day” when it comes to exercise.

“I love the outdoors. If I'm by the water, I love to paddleboard, surf, swim laps or water ski. I also love to hike or run for about 50 minutes a day,” she continued. “Staying hydrated is so important, and I always have 500 mililiters of water during my workout."


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