9 reasons why we love the old school guys!

Everything they do just looked so stylish

Their style is just so effortless
Forget dodgy Movember attempts, classic movie stars like Clark Gabel knew how to REALLY pull off facial hair…

In fact, their style is just so effortless. Suave, suited and sophisticated, for old school guys sharp dressing was the norm. No baggy jeans or ugly jumpers on these guys! Everything they do just looked so stylish. I mean, how many men do you know who could pull off this hat like Cary Grant?

No awkward shuffles on the dance floor – these men knew how to MOVE. Just look at Fred Astaire!

And forget ridiculous haircuts, these men operated with a laid-back slicked back style like Burt Lancaster. Men these days just can’t seem to pull it off…

In fact they’re SO stylish, they can even pull off a mug shot… Case in point: Frank Sinatra

No one’s ever done the bad boy thing quite like James Dean…

Well apart from maybe Marlon Brandow

Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch has got to be the ultimate father figure… Him and Scout hanging out = us melting.

Big romantic gestures were a thing of the norm. Just look at Humphrey Bogart played by at the end of Cassablanca, selflessly giving up the woman he loves and helping her escape with another man, just so he can protect her. We can’t even get our other halves to empty the dishwasher!


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