Disneyland’s 60 Years In A 60-Second Video

There are plenty of reasons to love Disneyland

The world’s favorite theme park
In honor of the 60th birthday of the world’s rumored “happiest place,” USA Today brings us a video about its magical beginnings. The minute-long video boasts some neat information about the world’s favorite theme park.

There are plenty of reasons to love Disneyland (not the least of which is its famous Dole whip treats), but there is a certain magic behind bringing all of our many childhood fairytales to life right before our very eyes. Whether it’s meeting princess, evading villains, or simply entering the castles lined with recreations of royal artifacts, the experience manages to bring to life the imaginations of children of all ages (and even some adults).

In 60 years, the times have changed — Disneyland has too. When it opened on July 17, 1955, a day pass for the enchanted theme park would run you only a dollar. Most of you parents may know that a day pass in 2015 will cost you about $100 (though admittedly, there are some flashier rides than It’s A Small World in the present decade). And while the park sees visitors from every corner of the world, I wonder if you can guess what the theme park’s top grossing product is? Find out in the video below!


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