Baby Otter Pups Make Their Debut

The newest addition to animal family

The greatest thing ever recorded
Allow me to introduce to you the newest addition to animal family at the Los Angeles Zoo: slipping, sliding, adorable baby otter pups.

“Giant river otters are an endangered species,” explains Dean Lofgren. “And here at the Los Angeles Zoo, they’re part of our SSP, or species survival plan.” These pups, he explains, was a rare opportunity to see these otter pups be born. Lofgren describes their parents as protective but “pretty laid back” (as the camera pans to show them sliding playfully). The little ones, he says, are aloof critters. “The younger ones, you know sometimes they’re not sure what’s going on, like going into the water for the first time,” but he goes on to add that they’re parents are good teachers for all the things they’d need to know to survive.

In the event that these adorable fur babies leave you curious for more, a couple other adorable otters made our website recently. These squeaking twin baby otters might just be the greatest thing ever recorded. And if you’re looking for something to hit you right in the heartstrings, try the adoption of an orphaned otter pup (it’s guaranteed goodness with a positive message to boot).


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