Are You Blow Drying Your Hair Wrong?

You can make the needed changes

It’s good to know when you’re doing something incorrectly
It’s shocking how many ways you can blow dry your hair wrong. As I was doing some research for this article, I found several ways I’ve been making mistakes. But it’s good to know when you’re doing something incorrectly so you can make the needed changes. Following these suggestions can help you have a better blowout.

1. Believing All Hair Dryers Are Created Equal

Sadly, hair dryers are not all one and the same. There’s a huge variety of differences in them. It can be confusing when you’re shopping for a new one. While high end hair dryers are usually better, you can still get a nice hair dryer on a budget. Some key things to look for are at least 1875 watts of power and ceramic and ionic technology to dry your hair evenly and smoothly.

2. Skipping Heat Protectant

Heat protectant is an important product. It helps guard your hair against damage from heat styling. Blow drying your hair can be hard on it so it’s good to use a heat protectant. There’re many different varieties but I generally stick to the $4 heat protectant by Tresemme. It seems to do the job effectively.

3. Drying It on Too High a Heat Level

I’m guilty of this one! As in almost every time I blow dry my hair - I'm guilty! I don’t like to take extra time to dry my hair on a lower setting. But I should because I have fine hair which can be fragile. Only ladies with coarse hair should be using the highest level of heat their blow dryer offers.

4. Not Moving the Hair Dryer Enough

Holding your hair dryer in one place for too long can burn your hair. Your hair dryer should be constantly moving. Most of us do this instinctively. If you’ve been guilty of this in the past, don’t stress. You can change your blow drying technique now. You may notice that your hair seems to become healthier and softer when you do this.

5. Taking off the Concentrator

I do now use the concentrator but I haven’t always. I didn’t understand how important or how helpful it was. It guides the air flow to the area of hair you’re trying to dry. It also helps prevent tangling since it keeps your hair from blowing around so vigorously. Now that I’m used to using my concentrator, I feel a little panicked if it goes missing. It’s that helpful!

6. Leaving Damp Spots in Your Hair

Leaving damp spots in your hair is no big deal if you’re not immediately styling it. But if you plan to heat style your hair with a curling iron, flat iron or any other method of heat styling then you need to make sure it’s completely dry first. Heat styling your hair while damp can burn it. Wet hair is fragile. It’s a good idea to recheck it a few minutes after you turn your hair dryer off to get a true feel for if it’s completely dry.

7. Skipping the Cool Shot Feature

This’s another way I’ve been blow drying my hair wrong. Not taking advantage of the cool shot feature is cheating your hair. It seals the cuticle and gives it smoothness and shine. My new goal is to always use the cool shot button. I don’t want to rob my hair of those benefits!


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