29 Faces Everyone Who Works Out Will Recognize

When bad gym etiquette happens to good people

Just for fun
1. When there are a dozen open treadmills and someone takes the one next to yours:

2. When someone is taking their sweet time on the machine you need:

3. When you get to the gym and realize you forgot your headphones:

4. When you have to do anything after leg day:

5. When someone near you has terrible BO and you don’t want to be rude by moving:

6. When you see someone judging you for snapping a mirror selfie:

7. When someone tries to talk to you in the middle of your workout:

8. When someone keeps eyeing your treadmill dash to creep your stats:

9. When you have to decide between happy hour and the gym:

10. When your alarm goes off for your morning run:

11. When a stretch does NOT go as planned:

12. When that awful grunt actually came from you:

13. When the bass drops right as you hit your stride:

14. When you try to resist the fitness attire section while out shopping:

15. When your bra offers no support but you want to finish your workout:

16. When you’re sweating in all sorts of uncomfortable, inappropriate places:

17. When you spot a hottie by the weight rack:

18. When someone leaves a machine without wiping it down:

19. When your trainer makes you do one more rep:

20. When you gulp down your “chocolate” protein shake:

21. When someone doesn’t re-rack their weights like a complete monster:

22. When you really, really need to pick a wedgie:

23. When your fitter friend asks if you want to work out together:

24. When you haven’t worked out for a few weeks and feel like you lost all your progress:

25. When your elliptical changes between interval speeds and you spin out:

26. When you hit your shin deadlifting:

27. When you’re walking toward a machine and someone takes it:

28. When some creep keeps offering to ~help you with your form~ and you’re trying not to lose your cool:

29. When some dick is taking an eternity at the water fountain:


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