Paula Abdul Recreates Amazing "Opposites Attract" Video

This is too good for words!

Now With James Corden
Paula Abdul recreated her hit video for “Opposites Attract” during her Tuesday, July 21 appearance on the Late Late Show -- and James Corden took the role of her cartoon cat!

Their real life remake of the classic '80s video had audience members screaming for more, as Abdul proved she's still got the moves, gyrating around the TV studio in a white flared pantsuit, while Corden hammed it up as M.C. Skat Cat.

Just like in the original video, which saw Abdul dancing around a cartoon world with her feline companion, Corden (complete with little fluffy ears and braces on his pants) kept up with his dance partner's impressive moves and lip synced his way through the song.

Paula and James recreate "Opposites Attract" and it's amazing!

At one point the hilarious duo end up in bed together, Abdul looking sexy in the slinky satin sheets, before Corden's cat character stole all the covers.

Watch the whole video above and see how the awesome remake compares to Abdul's original creation!


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