Lifetime's Unauthorized Melrose Place, Beverly Hills, 90210

Get ready for the ultimate '90s throwback

Movie Casts Revealed
First, head back in time with Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, and the rest of the West Beverly crew when The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story debuts on Oct. 3. The Lifetime movie will take a look at all the drama that happened behind the scenes during the first four seasons of the show.

Lifetime has released the first photo from The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story.

The cast includes Samantha Munro (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Shannen Doherty/Brenda Walsh, Max Lloyd-Jones (Switched at Birth) as Jason Priestley/Brandon Walsh, Jesy McKinney as Luke Perry/Dylan McKay, Abbie Cobb as Jennie Garth/Kelly Taylor, David Lennon as Ian Ziering/Steve Sanders, Abby Ross as Tori Spelling/Donna Martin, Ross Linton as Brian Austin Green/David Silver, Michele Goyns as Gabrielle Carteris/Andrea Zuckerman, and Alyssa Lynch as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen/Valerie Malone.

A week later, learn all about the casting drama and crazy stories from 90210 spinoff Melrose Place in The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story. Actors Dan Castellaneta and Adam Korson will play Aaron Spelling and Darren Star, respectively, in both films.

The Melrose Place movie cast includes Ciara Hanna as Heather Locklear/Amanda Woodward, Rebecca Dalton as Courtney Thorne-Smith/Allison Parker, Frank Bailey as Andrew Shue/Billy Campbell, Ryan Bruce as Grant Show/Jake Hanson, Chloe McClay as Josie Bissett/Jane Mancini, Ali Cobrin as Daphne Zuniga/Jo Reynolds, Teagan Vincze as Marcia Cross/Kimberly Shaw, Joseph Coleman as Doug Savant/Matt Fielding, Brandon Barash as Thomas Calabro/Michael Mancini, Karissa Tynes as Vanessa A. Williams/Rhonda Blair, Chelsea Hobbs as Laura Leighton/Sydney Andrews, and Lanie McAuley as Amy Locane/Sandy Louise Harding.


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