The most amazing collection of art at the peak of engineering from around the world!

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The most amazing collection of art at the peak of engineering from around the world!

The machine for laying paving stones

Tiger Stone is not fully automatic and still requires that workers ( 2-3 ) feed machine with bricks , but their position is now vertical , and the process is much more efficient . One team can put about 300 square meters of brick or tile of the road a day.

Monocycles Goventosa

Single cylinder monocycle was built by Italian M. Goventozoy ( M. Goventosa) on the eve of World War II. The maximum speed - 150 km / h. Virtually silent engine this unusual motorcycle driven by the steam produced compact boiler.

The helicopter - tanker

Helicopter refueling ground units at the stage of haul .

Helicopter trimmer

Very handy gizmo for the helicopter. It allows you to easily file away the tops of trees along power lines .

The biggest blade for a wind turbine

The world's largest wind turbine has been successfully built on the farm Belwind Wind Farm in Belgium. The name of the new wind turbine Haliade 150 , the height of the tower was 78 meters and the diameter of the blades of 73 meters .

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine

28 cylinder air cooled engine 71.5 liters. Power from 3000 to 4300 hp depending on the modification . Equipped with a mechanical supercharger . To achieve power 4300 hp it apart from the blower placed two more turbochargers . Each cylinder bank has been slightly displaced relative to each other for better cooling . For a specific type , he got the nickname «corncob», which can be translated as " core corn cob " . Plaque between repairs of about 600 hours.

Snowplow for the railroad

Sometimes attached to a conventional locomotive plow blade - do all the job . But when it could not handle a layer of snow , this monster comes to help.

4500 drilling rig

Miner climbs the boulders at the site of Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland on March 23 . A huge drill machine drilled last section of rock.

Howitzer with a silencer

The pictures of 155 mm Howitzer M- 109 . It takes place in Germany. Therefore, in order not to disturb the peace of the burghers , the Bundeswehr use these devices.

The biggest helicopter

Multipurpose heavy transport helicopter Mi- 26 . It has two engines of 11,000 hp power each. It is the largest serial transport helicopter in the world!

crane Liebherr LR 13000

The most powerful crawler crane traditional construction . The overriding scope of the new crane LR 13000 is the construction of power plants. The rise of an extremely large unit loads required especially in the construction of nuclear power plants of the last generation.

Pan American Stratocruiser

This aircraft was based on the bomber - the B- 29 . Boeing Model 377 , or " Stratokruzer " (" stratospheric cruiser " ) was designed for 55-100 passengers , depending on the layout of the cabin , or 28 beds.

Siren with a HEMI engine

Americans during the Cold War as the Soviet Union feared an attack that launched the world's most powerful siren. It was made by Chrysler and was named Air Rad Siren. It is based on the engine Hemi V8, which developed 3,600 revolutions per minute, and the details of the sirens themselves spinning at 2,000 revolutions per minute. The volume of such sirens , the monster reached 137 dB. Initially, the Chrysler Air Raid Siren was a seat for someone who ran a siren , but then made ??the remote control North Korean tractor simulator

This simulation of the tractor , which stands in one of the palaces of Youth , located in North Korea. As expected, this is a circle in which the child can go after school .

Machine tool for stamping Lego blocks

Form punching bricks Lego. Before becoming an exhibit at Legoland California in August 2008 , she stamped over 120 million Lego bricks

The cockpit of the space shuttle " Endeavour " in front of one of the last flights.Ferris wheel in Ashgabat

In 2012 the wheel was entered in the Guinness World Records as the world's largest enclosed ferris wheel . Its construction spent $ 90 million.

The biggest excavator

Bagger 288 (Excavator 288 - 288 excavator ) - excavator , built in 1978 by the German company Krupp for the company Rheinbraun. Upon completion, the machine , the size of Bagger surpassed 288 tracked conveyor to transport the shuttles , NASA and the Apollo rocket to the launch pad , with a weight of 13,500 tons, a length of 240 m and a height of 96 m. However, Bagger receives energy from external sources , so it would be more accurate called movable machine for quarrying .The ship " Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin "

Vessel designed for spacecraft control , to perform telemetry and trajectory measurements for communication ground stations Mission Control with the crews of space ships and stations . The largest and most powerful ship in its class. Named in honor of Yuri Gagarin .

The vessel for transportation vehicles

" Stack " of river vessels and pontoons have been loaded on a ship in port of Nantong Shanghai , after which the vessel MV Blue Marlin hit the road and after 58 days , March 22 , arrived in the Netherlands , the port of destination.


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