18 Times Jamie Fraser Made You Thirsty

He somehow makes time traveling to 1700s Scotland

Do you agree?
1. When he showed off his French skills.

2. When he fed Claire cheese and seduced us all.

3. When he jumped into the river to fix the mill.

Oh, Jamie, I dropped my shoe in the river — could you be a doll and go get it for me? *Lobs shoe in the river* I think it’s somewhere over there.

4. When he shed one single tear.

And it physically pained us not to gently wipe it away for him.

5. When he reminded Claire he’d always be by her side.

6. When he bit his lower lip.

Ugh. So tantalizing.

7. When he questioned the nuances of language.

Oh, Jamie, you minx!

8. When he smirked.

9. When he had to get all bandaged up.


As long as there were no ab injuries, we can deal.

10. When Claire asked, “Doesn’t it bother you that I’m not a virgin,” and he had the best response.

11. When he stood naked so Claire could admire him

The only thing better than Jamie Fraser in a kilt, is Jamie Fraser out of one.

12. When he gave Claire his mother’s pearls.

13. When he stepped out in his wedding attire.

Yes we prefer him without clothes, but an exception can be made here.

14. When he was confused by the mechanics of it all.

15. When he turned in his V-card.

16. When he assured Claire that he would always keep her safe.

17. When Claire revealed she can’t have children, and Jamie admitted he would be scared of her dying during childbirth.

18. When he took a bite out of this biscuit.


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