Baby Cougars Make Cutest Debut At The Zoo

They’re too sweet for words

Holy cuteness!
Three baby cougars made their debut at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo in Texas this week, and they’re too sweet for words.

The two female cubs and one male cub are named Remy, Rory, and Roscoe, and they were all born on June 18. All of the babies are healthy and happy.

In the video, the trio navigate their new surroundings. They’re not on exhibit yet, but the public can see them daily at 10 a.m. in the nursery and at an interactive showing at 2 p.m.

“The babies are getting pretty adventurous,” zookeeper Jessica Darby told KSAT. “They’re very playful and active and are starting to develop personalities of their own. Remy’s on the timid side, but Rory and Roscoe are not shy at all.”

The conservation efforts at zoos like Animal World are helping to protect the endangered species. The well being of these creatures is of vital importance for the animal preservation group.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, “Their population has significantly decreased from their historical population due to unsustainable hunting, habitat destruction and conflicts with livestock.”


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