Three Baby Hedgehogs Spend Their First Day Rescued

Hedgehogs were rescued after becoming orphans

They will surely melt your heart
The three adorable baby hedgehogs in this video were rescued after becoming orphans, and they will surely melt your heart.

The hoglets were left alone for about 24 hours because their mother was disturbed while she gave birth and then abandoned them. Eventually, the little mammals were brought to the Wildlife Aid Foundation, which has “been saving wildlife in the U.K. for over 30 years.”

“We are now taking good care of them by keeping them warm and feeding them every few hours,” the foundation wrote under the YouTube video.

The foundation also gives them a comfortable place to sleep, proving just how well it’s taking caring of them. The rescuers also use a unique product to differentiate the babies — nail polish.

“We’ve been using nail polish for 34 years, to tell the babies apart. For hedgehogs, we only paint the spines, which are made of keratine, like our nails and hair. The fumes go away quickly and the polish dries quickly, too. So, it doesn’t hurt them at all,” the foundation explains on YouTube.

Like the hedgehog who snores and the ones who formed an incredible bond with a cat, the hoglets below are a sight to see. Wait till you hear the one who can’t stop sneezing at :30. It’s absolutely adorable!


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