17 Really Specific Things That You And Your Sister Fought About

True absolutely!

“You used my razor?”
You love your sister.

And your sister loves you.

But sometimes you can get under each other’s skin.

And you fought and still fight about a lot of stupid things.

1. Like, when you were younger, who deserved the leopard print hairagami.

2. Whose turn it was to use the HitClip, since it only had a singular headphone.

60 seconds of pure bliss.

3. How long the bagel bites should be cooked for.

One of you liked them nearly raw and one of you liked them well-done.

Bagel Bites tartare.

4. Who lost the various pieces of jewelry missing from the Pretty Pretty Princess set.

Such priceless beads.

5. The desirability of Rainbow Road.

One of you (the idealist) loved it because it was colorful and one of you (the curmudgeon) hated it because it was 10 minutes long and essentially a glorified highway.

6. The ethics of voting for American Idol.

One of you always voted for the obvious “star” while one of you rooted vigilantly for the underdog who could really sing.

7. And in your later years, you fought over who was responsible for making everyone late to family functions.

“We’re leaving without you bye!!!”

8. How the last person to use the car should be the one to fill up the tank…

Except, of course, when the last person was you.

9. Whether one of you using the other’s razor out of desperation was crossing boundaries.

10. Same for one of you using the other’s makeup.

“But it’s not gross because we share the same blood!!!” —the sister who got caught

11. The economics of her letting you borrow her dress for an event so you didn’t have to buy one.

“If you’re not going to be wearing it that night, then one of us might as well put it to use…”

12. How because one of you didn’t let the other borrow her clothes, that’s how you ended up with the same exact shirt.

13. How you can’t wear your hair the same way when you’re together, because then you start to look too much alike.

14. How you only borrowed those shoes one time so it’s a physical impossibility that you could have stretched them out.

15. Who started listening to [insert artist] first.

16. How Unjust it is that she took a Snapchat of you without you knowing and then sent it to her friends who you only vaguely know.

17. And finally: you’ve fought over how trivial your fights are but then suddenly you’re on the same team and you stop being angry because you love each other more than anything.

So go find your sister and give her a ginormous hug.

And then argue about the uncomfortably long duration of it.


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