The Struggles of Wearing Glasses

Several tips on wearing glasses

Pros and cons
1. Showers

Anyone who wares glasses can relate to the hardships in the shower. The constant need to pick up shampoo and conditioner can be hard with out your glasses. Also, if your in a small bathroom, often, the mirror and your glasses will fog up.

2. 3-D Movies

The struggle of always having to get the largest size glasses because having to also have your glasses on so you can see is also hard. Anyone with glasses would understand. This goes with the fact that your 3-D glasses will be slipping off of your face. Bottom line this can be really annoying and complicated.

3. Rollercoasters

Most people enjoy the sweet sensation that Rollercoasters can give you, right? But when you have glasses you have a constant fear of them falling off or breaking. Also, when you decide not to where your glasses, where are u gonna put them, a lot of time I end up holding on to them throughout the whole ride. This is uncomfortable and hard.


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