24 Awesome Gadgets For Your Kitchen

But #16 Might Freak You Out

Fantastic additions to any kitchen space
Your kitchen is probably the most productive room in your home, but that doesn’t mean that everything in it has to be practical. In fact, the best kitchens are full of fun little odds and ends that might not be necessary, but are totally fun to keep around.

These 24 gadgets would all be fantastic additions to any kitchen space, and they all have some interesting uses as well.Get inspired by the list below and see what would work in your kitchen. #20 is something every pizza lover should own.

1. An elephant to serve olives in. Naturally, his name is Oliver.

2. This awesome magnetic hourglass so you know when to check the oven.

3. Geode coasters to spruce up any table.

4. A cute watering device called the Rainmaker.

5. Tablet-holding cutting board so your recipes are always at hand.

6. Stackable tree measuring cups.

7. A pirate corkscrew for all your drinking needs.

8. A pig that assists in separating your eggs.

9. A teapot that looks just like a panda.

10. A very squirrely tea steeper.

11. Dryer balls that are shaped like hedgehogs.

12. A nightlight that looks like the moon.

13. Shot glasses that came straight from the lab.

14. These very charming acrobatic clothespins.

15. A flask you can wear around your wrist.

16. A very mousy cheese board.

17. A whale that spouts toothpicks.

18. These amazing narwhal skewers.

19. A ladle that looks like Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

20. A pizza cutter that looks like a cute little bicycle.

21. These robot nutcrackers.

22. A laboratory-style organizer for all your odds and ends.

23. An owl-shaped tape dispenser.

24. A Dali-esque melting clock.


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