5 Beautiful Wooden Swings

Lounging for hours in a shade of peace and quiet

Create your own oasis
The warmer seasons are coming so you know what time it is. Getting ready to spend more time in the garden? Be prepared for the coming sunny days and make your garden look great. Outdoor swings are just the thing for relaxing in a practical way. There are lots of models you can choose from, but the ones we’re about to show you also offer pleasing aesthetics besides the countless hours of relaxation. Just imagine yourself in one of these lovely wooden swings, lounging for hours in a shade of peace and quiet. Create your own oasis with a welcoming rocking chair or build a romantic atmosphere with a more classical approach. Draw inspiration from the ideas featured here and come up with your own design if you wish. Either way, these will be the talk of the entire season, that’s for sure.

1. Cedar Pergola Swing


2. Globo Chair

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3. Amazing Rustic Swings

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4. Wooden Handcrafted Two Seater Indoor Swing

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5. DIY Pallet Hanging Lounger

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