How Women Fashion has changed in past 100 years

It is especially concerned about the beautiful half of humanity

Oh, this lady Fashion!
It divides people into those who accept and those who are swimming against the currents of fashion. And it is not difficult to guess that it is especially concerned about the beautiful half of humanity. The desire to look beautiful women were at all times, but only in the last century there was such a thing as fashion industry. Now it's not just about the clothes, but also changeable canons of beauty of the female body. Want to learn about ideal forms and images of the past century? This collection will tell you about all the standard of beauty the last 100 years.1900–?:
At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries tall and thin girl with a narrow waist and large breasts were the ideal of feminine beauty . This image was created by American illustrator Charles Gibson , in whose honor and named the owners of all these charms. The main attribute was a corset, with which kind of gave a figure resembling an hourglass. Admit it , the image of fashionistas looks painfully beautiful!

After ten years the popularity of corsets and tight dresses women want more freedom in the body. Now all your favorite large steel straight dresses, and the standard of beauty personified

In the 30 years again returns to attractive fashion feminine curves . It was during this period form the body called "hourglass" has made American film stars Mae West and Jean Harlow sex-symbols of his generation.

During the war, women are " mobilized " and began to walk in strict outfits that emphasize their slender body. In addition, it became fashionable shoulder pads , creating the impression of broad shoulders and a narrow waist .

In the middle of the twentieth century again prevailed curvy shape . Many believe that it was in the 50's female sexuality reached its peak. In fashion, just enter Pin-up girl - girl with long legs , large breasts , a narrow waist and wide hips . Remember only unmatched Marilyn Monroe - she was a sex symbol of that time.

Again, replace a lush feminine form comes thinness . More precisely, the ideal was the androgynous appearance : the girls were not particularly outstanding form . A role model and style icon became the legendary model Twiggy .

In the 70's fashion for thinness left , but the girls did not aspire to be a painfully thin. Trendy complement the too wide shoulders, narrow waist and hips. In addition, while welcomed moderate sportiness: forces were needed for disco parties!

80 - this time of madness aerobics and jogging . In favor were slim supermodel athletic and always with a long elastic legs.

Heroin chic is called an era when fashion was dominated too thin body . Style icons of the time was Kate Moss , which were equal and a tall, thin woman of fashion . Tastes differ , but agreed that being anorexic drained a drop is not good for health.

A strong and active , flexible and sexy - that is, the ideal woman of the 2000s . Sport beauty, which is also perfectly looked in a bikini was a true role model .

Now many people wear themselves squats and lunges , wishing to have a delicious ass , like the Latin American beauties . After all, the motto of modern women have different: "The more elaborate pop, the better." You train too hard to show off their buttocks chic ?


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