Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

There’s no shortage of reasons that dogs claim the title of man’s best friend

Beautiful Compilation
Even as a cat person, I can admit that there’s no shortage of reasons that dogs claim the title of man’s best friend. In fact, if anything, their contributions in the way of companionship, service and therapy, and military services are vastly understated.

They contribute far more to so many people than a partner with whom to play fetch. Perhaps the best example of this is Colonel the golden retriever, who literally brought a little boy named Caleb back from the brink of death. After a harrowing accident that left him nearly immobile as a small child, Caleb was eventually able to snap back through the ongoing therapy provided with the help of Colonel, who made rehabilitation a “game” rather than a painful chore.

There are countless many more stories like Caleb’s — but there are also innumerable other ways that dogs help us humans with necessary tasks.

That’s why the gorgeous compilation of photography below hits so close to the heart. It captures portraits of working dogs across the globe, a project by Minnesota photographer Andrew Fladeboe, whose own canine companion inspired his desire to make the series.

“I remember look at a sheep dog’s face as he looked up at his owner after a rough 10-hour muster,” he recalls of making the project. “It was filled with and dedication.” A gentle reminder that our canines are more than just our dogs.


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