Little Girl Cuts Off Her Beautiful Locks To Support “Boyfriend” With Cancer

Nothing more than to help a friend

Children are the ones who have the purest of hearts
It’s no secret that children are the ones who have the purest of hearts and the most genuine of intentions. They sense when others are in need, and often do not hesitate to do all they can to help.

Nine-year-old Libby Tucker-Spiers has recently endeavored to help someone dear to her heart — her 7-year-old “boyfriend,” Aiden. Aiden was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and underwent rounds of chemotherapy treatment. As a result, he has lost his hair, but has refused to wear a wig.

Libby wanted nothing more than to help her friend — she saw and felt his pain, and wished to do something about it.

Her decision to do one of the most selfless, compassionate things has completely moved me. She ended up not only helping Aiden, but also helped others recognize the importance of a bigger cause.

In April, 7-year-old Aiden Selleck, from Milton Keynes, a town in Buckinghamshire, England, was rushed to the hospital with a badly inflamed tummy. Doctors ended up diagnosing him with a form of kidney cancer, called Wilms’ tumor. He has since had the large tumor removed, and is currently on his fifth week of a 27-week-long process of chemotherapy.

Aiden’s diagnosis has hit one particular person very hard. Nine-year-old Libby Tucker-Spiers, Aiden’s little “girlfriend,” was devastated when she heard the news. Prior to Aiden’s diagnosis, Libby has wanted very much to do one thing: grow out her long, blonde hair and look like Rapunzel. After visiting Aiden in the hospital, however, she’s had a sudden change of heart.

After seeing that her friend had lost all his hair, Libby was deeply stirred. Charlie, her mother, has spoken to ABC News about the ordeal. “I want to give Aiden my hair,” Libby had said. Her mom had initially hesitated at her request, but then Libby said: “I want to, I miss his lovely hair.”

Even though Aiden didn’t want to wear a wig, Libby proceeded with her plan. She wished to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides wigs made of real hair to children who have struggled with cancer.

Libby decided to cut off 11 inches of her hair, and donate it to the charity organization.

“We think Libby is amazing for doing this,” said Clare Selleck, Aiden’s mother, in an email to The Huffington Post. “Charlie told me how upset Libby was, seeing Aiden losing his hair when she visited him in the hospital, and how she wanted to do something to help. They have a truly lovely friendship.”

Libby and Aiden have always been close —
and it’s no wonder, since their parents have been friends for some time. They tell others that they’re “boyfriend and girlfriend,” and even gave each other cards on Valentine’s Day.

They’ve even planned to marry each other when they grow up, and want to have three children. But Libby has gone further than donating her hair to a charity. Together with her mother and Aiden’s mom, she’s holding a fundraising campaign, called the “End of Chemo Party,” to welcome back Aiden when he comes home.

When Aiden saw Libby for the first time after her haircut, he was surprised. “Libby, it’s very short,” he said. But he ended up loving it and complimenting her new look. To show his appreciation for her, he even gave Libby a necklace as a “thank you” for helping raise awareness about his diagnosis and battle against cancer.

Libby is also hoping to raise money so that she and Aiden can go on a trip to Disneyland. So far, the results of Aiden’s chemotherapy treatment are looking good. He’s set to finish his last round of treatment later this December.

“Libby is always by his side,” said her mom. “They may be young, but they adore each other. It’s a real love story.”

Meanwhile, Aiden’s putting up the bravest front. Nurses have said that he is coping well with the treatment, that he’s “resilient,” and that he’ll show off his scars like his war wounds.

Soon after his treatment, Libby and Aiden are planning to have a sleepover party together with all of their friends. And when the time comes, Aiden will be taking one brave, beautiful little girl as his date.


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