Watch Kora The Golden Retriever Puppy Figure Out What Her Tail Is For!

Funny little critter

One of America’s favorite pets
Golden Retrievers are one of America’s favorite pets, and it’s not hard to see why! They’re friendly, playful, sweet-tempered, and loyal. What more could you ask for from man’s best friend?

Of course, the thing to keep in mind about Goldens is that they also have nearly boundless energy. This is a great quality if you have time for lots of walks and playtime.

They’re also highly intelligent, which means they’re curious about everything. Unfortunately, they sometimes aren’t so patient. If you aren’t available to entertain them, they just might start to improvise, like this silly guy.

Fortunately, Golden puppy Kora the Dog is channeling her curiosity in a more productive way — by chasing down that persnickety tail that’s always just outside of her line of sight.

While tail-chasing in older dogs is usually not a good sign, in puppies like Kora it’s a sign of healthy curiosity. Puppies chase their tails to explore their environment and to hone those retriever skills.

That funny little critter that keeps scooting out of Kora’s peripheral vision turns out to actually be the perfect ‘prey’ for practicing all of those amazing puppy dog abilities that she’s developing. It’s just a built-in way for little Kora to learn how to be a dog!


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