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Significant loss in weight

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A body wrap is a way to promote excessive sweating in a particular area of the body, which can result in significant loss in weight, and reduction in toxins through out the body. It may help you lose inches while speeding up the metabolism. Now we don’t need spend lots of money to experience this trendy spa treatment because we can DIY ourselves these types of “slimming” body wraps, which result in the temporary loss of weight and inches, and shape up the distorted body!

There are many ways of enveloping in plastic wrap or foil, each of which is useful in their own way. In this article by healthylivinghouse you will learn about two methods, for weight loss, detoxification and the release of cellulite.

Wrapping with honey
  • put the honey in a small bowl and apply it on a heat. Add 1 egg yolk and several drops of a citrus essential oil (lemon, orange or jojoba oil).
  • Put this composite on the problem places like arms, thighs, abdomen, etc, and strongly envelop with a household foil.
  • Wear some warm clothes and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Lie down for an hour and then remove the foil and wash away the composite.
Wrapping with clay

The most efficient way for burning fat is the anti-cellulite clay enveloping. The blue clay is the most recommended because there are large number of microelements that have a positive effect on the skin included. Water down a small amount of blue clay with warm water until you get a density of cream and put it equally on the problematic areas.
  • Envelop in a plastic wrap or in foil and wear some warm clothes. Hold the enveloping for one hour. It is recommended to do some physical exercises while having the enveloping on you.
  • Do the enveloping at least twice in a week and you will very quick have great results. You will remove the fat and the cellulite, and the stretch marks too.
  • During this procedure your skin will absorb many helpful microelements, which will make it softer, smoother and more elastic.
And the most common way I did myself:
  • Massage the problematic /desired area of the body with massage oil or body shaping lotion (or other therapy lotion): Apply a thick layer of lotion to the area you want to target but don’t rub it in completely.
    You can do it on your stomach, your thighs, your upper arms, wherever your “trouble spots” are.
  • Wrap in plastic wrap around the targeted area
  • Secure the plastic wrap with fabric (bandage wrap is a perfect choice)
  • Before starting with the enveloping procedure, it is recommendable to do a body scrub in order to achieve better effect.
  • During the visit of a gym or physical exercises three times at week, envelop in foil the problematic places. Regulate the diet and you will surely lose up to 2-3 pounds in a week.

Warning: If you are suffering from heart disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or widespread veins, the enveloping in plastic wrap or foil is not recommendable!


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