These Cookies And Cream Ice Cubes Are A Perfect Summer Treat

Creative ways to utilize the tray to our advantage

The recipe is very versatile
There are many ingenious things to do with unassuming kitchen items.

Take the ice cube tray, for example. Here at LittleThings, we’ve seen plenty of creative ways to utilize the tray to our advantage. They can be used to make mouthwatering desserts, to store perishable foods, and even to prepare soothing emergency remedies for the summer. Recently, we’ve discovered one very excellent way to put both the ice cube tray and leftover milk to good use. Are you looking to cool off during the summer with a nice iced beverage? Or perhaps, you’re finding ways to make a richer milkshake? The incredibly simple recipe below will help you make the perfect complement to your drink.

The best part is, the recipe is very versatile. Even if you don’t have the other necessary ingredient on hand, you can definitely get creative and improvise — you can use whatever you can find in your pantry as a substitute. As long as it’s tailored to your tastes, it’ll turn out perfectly.

Here are the few ingredients you'll need: some milk and Oreo cookies. Any other kind of cookie will do just fine — just make sure they crumble easily. And, of course, you'll need an ice cube tray.

First, mash up the cookies until they're coarsely crumbled. We found that using a pestle-like kitchen tool works best.

Sprinkle the cookie crumbs into the ice cube tray. We filled ours about halfway up.

Finally, fill the slots up with milk. We filled them up to the brim to make the largest cubes possible.

Freeze the cubes for at least two hours. Milk crystallizes when it's frozen, so that's why the process takes a while. After about 3 hours in the freezer, the cubes should be perfect.

These milk and cookie cubes can be dunked in iced coffee.

They can also be blended into a milkshake, or any other frozen drink. Enjoy!


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