Adorable Puppies Vs. Random Household Items

Puppies explore the wonder of arbitrary items

Happy places
If you’re running low on your weekly fix of adorable puppy videos, you’re in luck. Watch puppies explore the wonder of arbitrary items in a video too cute not to share.

A few weeks ago, the Huffington Post shared a video so sweet we wouldn’t sure there’d be any way to trump it. (For those who missed out, bear witness to the cuteness overload that is puppies meeting baby animals.) But lo! They’ve another adorable fur baby video, this time of puppies meeting strange household objects (because let’s be honest: when you’re a puppy, what isn’t strange?).

Pet owners, you’ll probably want to bookmark this one now — it may remind you of your own little ones getting to know the world around them.

Look on in wonder as a months-old puppy tries desperately to make sense of Newton’s cradle. A chichuahua takes on a massive raccoon (albeit a fake, puppy-safe stuffed one), and a pile of rope becomes the greatest unexpected chew toy for a teething baby. And if there’s one thing that proves that puppies love slides just as much as their child companions, it’s the baby bulldog in this video who finds his happy place atop a toddler’s play structure.


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