Neglected Foal That Was Close To Death Is Now Britain’s Tallest Horse

Huge growth spurt

Britain’s tallest horse
Four years ago, Sovereign faced certain death. The foal was so neglected and underweight that even the slightest touch would have knocked the horse to the ground. But thanks to his new owner Paul Evans, and a huge growth spurt, Sovereign now rules as Britain’s tallest horse at a whooping 10ft! Better yet?

This massive beast is still growing.

Evans rescued the malnourished horse after discovering his previous owners kept him in a tiny cow shed and neglected to feed him.

Now that the giant shire horse has been cared for and brought back to good health, Sovereign is set to overtake the current world record–holding horse, who is an astonishing 7 feet tall.

“I never believed he would grow into such a monster – and he’s still growing. He’s wonderful and I’m delighted I bought him. Because he’s still young he’s still got years of growth in front of him,” Evans told Yahoo News.

Sovereign is now kept at Green Farm in Caverswall, Staffordshire along with Evans’ two other shire horses: Poppy and Sovereign’s half-sister Ruby. Sovereign is a special kind of horse and his miraculous recovery since he was found neglected is so amazing.


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