10 Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around Them

Beautiful ways to incorporate the trees around their architecture

Conscientious and natural approach
The next 10 buildings were build by clever architects who refused to cut down local trees for their projects. Instead they found creative and sometimes beautiful ways to incorporate the trees around their architecture. It’s an example how architecture can be stunning without working against nature.

This conscientious and natural approach to architecture shows respect to the landscape around them.

1. Kindergarten Around The Tree

2. Just build around it

3. The Tea House

4. Casa Vogue

5. Niavaran Residential Complex

6. Hole in the Wall

7. Lakeview Residence

8. Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

9. There is a Tree on your doorstep

10. Cylindrical Glass Forest House built around a Tree

11. Treehouse, Lukasz Kos, Ontario, Canada


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