11 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Your Old Perfume Bottles

Save your favorites and give these a try!

Upcycle your empty bottles
Ever have a perfume where the bottle's just as pretty as the fragrance? It's a shame to just toss a gorgeous perfume bottle in the trash once it's empty – so next time, don't! Take your old perfume bottles and reuse them as a fab home décor item! There are tons of ways you can upcycle your empty bottles – save your favorites and give these a try!

1. Perfectly Chic Flower Vases

Empty perfume bottles make lovely flower vases – and nope, they're not just bud vases, either! Fill them with fresh flowers or create a permanent arrangement with quality silk blossoms.

2. Pretty Jewelry Holder

This is a practical way to keep your fragile or special pieces safe, but it's also a really pretty display. This would look awesome in a bathroom or on a vanity!

3. Oil Burner

DIY all the way, so you can save money, upcycle your old bottles, and make your house smell amazing!

4. Cool Art

Oh, I love this idea! I think I'm gonna have to steal it!

5. Table Décor

This is a fantastic idea if you have a collection of antique or vintage perfume bottles. I love this as a centerpiece idea!

6. Succulent Wedding Favor Bottles

Adorable! It's also a perfect DIY idea so you can save some money on your wedding décor!

7. Glitter Bomb

Oh, I have so many old perfume bottles that would look gorgeous as glitter bombs! Forget about snow globes, these are so much better!

8. Reed Diffuser

Another awesome way to save money, reuse your bottles, and make your space smell wonderful!

9. Mini Planters

Grow your favorite herbs in your favorite perfume bottles! Perfect – and pretty!

10. Home Décor

I really do love the idea of pearls in perfume bottles – buy 'em loose or fill your bottles with broken necklaces.

11. Empty Bottle Lighting

Oh, I'm definitely stealing this!

What a gorgeous lighting idea!


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