Fearless Yoga Practitioners Take Their Hobby To A Colorado Mountainside

Beautiful shapes that transcend more traditional practices

Crazy moves involved in “acroyoga”
You know, I recently picked up yoga again, and I definitely feel healthier than I used to. But I am still a far cry away from being able to do any of the crazy moves involved in “acroyoga!”

As you could probably guess from the name, Acroyoga is a mental and physical practice that combines acrobatics with yoga to form an incredible new discipline, one that is often taken out-of-doors to align the practitioners more closely with nature.

In many ways, it has the mesmerizing and graceful movement that we have come to associate with traditional acrobatics. On the flip side, it also emphasizes the attributes of willpower and mental clarity that yoga prizes.

The two practitioners in the video are Chelsey Korus and Matt Giordano, who work seamlessly together to create beautiful shapes that transcend more traditional practices. They are situated outdoors, on a mountainside in Colorado.

Giordano is the “base,” while Korus is the “flyer.” That means that he serves as a steady support, while the lighter partner conducts the more acrobatic moves. The amount of synchronicity and grace it must require to transition from pose to pose smoothly honestly boggles my mind.


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