8 Secrets to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

The causes are not because of some strange disease

Travelling can take its toll
Traveling for work or pleasure can take its toll. Often times, people become sick due to harsh changes in the environment, being exposed to germs that they normally aren’t used to or eating something that doesn’t quite agree with them. Most of these times, the causes are not because of some strange disease, but very straight forward to understand. As obvious as it is a necessity to research the place you are traveling to for health related matters, there are still certain safety measures people don’t follow. Here are some tips that will help you ensure a healthy vacation.


Before you choose your vacation destination, visit the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), for information on the country you are thinking of visiting. The site has great information on what vaccinations maybe needed, if there are travel bans or alerts and local clinics.


Dehydration is a cause of many health problems; headaches, irritability, fatigue, and confusion (yes, even confusion!). Besides keeping yourself hydrated while traveling, you must also keep in mind that water can carry strange particles/contaminants.. It is highly recommended that you buy bottled water when you travel (make sure that the bottles are properly sealed during purchase).

Protect your nose

Most of the germs that enter our bodies enter through our nose. Cleaning your nose with a saline nasal spray a few times a day can keep your nose clean.. Also anti-bacterial products like Neosporin wouldn’t directly have much of an impact in prevention, they can aid in keeping your nostrils moist which in turn will be beneficial as less harmful germs will enter your system.


One of the most common ways to find yourself sick is through the germs that land on our hands. While you travel it’s impossible to NOT touch everything. It is simply impossible to keep ourselves from touching things; The unfortunate reality is that bacteria and viruses can live on items up to three days. However, disinfecting your hands is now easier than ever. Portable solutions and wipes will be your friends for your entire vacation.. Make sure to disinfect items, especially things like TV remotes in your hotel room, passenger trays in the airplane, and many other common items tend to carry a lot of germs.

Get Sleep

One of the joys of travelling is that you often lose track of the amount sleep you may be getting. This however has very serious consequences. Not only will your body undergo mental and physical stress, but your body’s immune system will also take a major hit. Therefore, make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep when you travel!

Watch what you Eat!

One of the biggest delights when traveling is finding new restaurants, trying new types of foods or going to a local hole-in-the-wall to taste the local cusine. While this is heavily encouraged, certain precautions must be undertaken. One of the things to look for is cleanliness. This especially goes for street vendors; make sure they are working in a clean atmosphere and also study their food perpetration procedures – andmake sure they are disinfecting themselves after sneezing and coughing. Also, go to restaurants that are fairly busy and/or have exceptional reviews.

Green Tea

A change of surroundings is bound to have an on your immune system. Therefore, indulge in products that can help you keep it strong. Certain immune system boosters can be found in pill forms (turmeric pills are available for those who prefer a natural alternative). But, there are various natural foods that you can take – green and/or ginger tea being the easiest (make these with bottled water). Make sure you are incorporating fruits in your travel diet as well. Remember, citrus fruits and berries are your friends.

Bring some basic medications!

As mentioned before, travel can wreak havoc on your body. The easiest ways to combat some of the situations is in your medicine cabinet. Simple over the counter medications like aspirin, anti-allergens, cold and cough syrups, antacids, and band aids can be of great indispensible. Also, make sure you remember to bring all your medications that are prescribed; forgetting them at home will be a huge pain and end up costing hundreds.


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