Make Tequila in 6 Easy Steps

High end liquor on its own

Tequila has taken a hold of American hearts
In recent years tequila has taken a hold of American hearts and it seems to be everywhere. Its the “new vodka” on drink menus in LA, NY and Miami and has quickly spread to the rest of America. And people aren’t drinking it just in margaritas, but often as a high end liquor on its own, something to be savored. So put down that lime, and don’t like salt off the back of your hand and get ready to learn how tequila really is made.

This short video takes you through the 6 steps it takes to make tequila the amazing drink it is. Watch as the Herradura hacienda, which has been run by the same family for over 184 years, shares their secrets on what goes into making a perfect tequila, in just 6 steps.


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