Stunt Rider Catches Tahitian Waves On His Dirt Bike

Riding waves in Tahiti on none other than a dirt bike

A dream three years in the making

Australian biker Robbie Maddison recently achieved a dream three years in the making. The DC Shoes spokesman rode waves in Tahiti on none other than his dirt bike, which was appropriately outfitted with a set of paddle tires.

His aquatic stunt meant navigating "the most challenging terrain I’ve ever taken a motorcycle on,”Maddison, the world-record holder for longest motorcycle jump, told GrindTV. “Every time there was a mechanical change in the bike, it changed the way it rode.”

In the end, Maddison and his wave-conquering bike triumphed over the extreme conditions. Said the stunt rider, "If I hadn’t been a surfer at heart, I couldn’t have pulled it off."

This stunt was part of a project called “Pipe Dream,” and took 17 long days to shoot and complete.


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