Mermaid Surprises A Group Of Make-A-Wish Kids

Make-A-Wish Kids on Lanikai Beach in Kailua

Children get swept up in the magic!
When you were a kid did you ever believe mermaids were real? I know after I watched the Little Mermaid, I was determined to spot one at the beach every time my parents took me.

Well, mermaids may not be real, but that doesn’t mean the magic they bring to children isn’t. Even adults like to get dressed up as mermaids and play pretend!

To spread a little magic to a few kids who could use it, We Are Hawaii surprised a group of Make-A-Wish Kids on Lanikai Beach in Kailua, HI. Mermaid Kariel pretended to wash up on the shore. When the kids find her? Boy, are they excited. Kariel reads them a story, has playtime, and takes a few photos with the kids.

She tells them she is going to head back to “mermaid island.” However, her performance was a little too convincing. The kids knew there’s no way a mermaid can get from shore back into the ocean.

So what do they do? They try to rescue her and push her back in the water.

“Then we realize the problem was that we couldn’t get her back out of the water in front of them so poor Mermaid Kariel had to swim and frolic until the parents could convince them she was ok and they could leave. She swam back and slipped her tail off just to make sure,” they said. “It was a wonderful moment!”

It’s so great that the actress was such a good sport, too!

See the adorable children get swept up in the magic!


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