Cat Owner Catches His Two Curious Cats In All Sorts Of Boxes

Nice cardboard box that cats can’t resist

Just make sure it comes in a box!
If you are a cat owner, you know that nothing in the house is considered “off limits” when it comes to your curious pet. Countertops, refrigerators, sinks, dresser drawers…you name it, and a cat has probably made itself comfortable there before.

Their curiosity is part of their charm, and their ability to make a bed in the most random of spots means that they can always sneak away when they aren’t in the mood to hang out with people and other pets.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on scratching posts, set up elaborate domino mazes to keep them entertained, or even let them steal the dog’s favorite toy, to try and get them to break their climbing and hiding habits, but when it comes down to it, the best toys for cats are probably stacked in your garage or in your recycling bin!

There’s just something about a nice cardboard box that cats can’t resist. No matter what shape or size, you’d better believe they’ll find a way to squeeze themselves in.

To prove this point, Cole and Marmalade’s owner decided to create this video to show all of their favorite types of boxes and the shenanigans they get into when the boxes are left out, in what he calls A Cat’s Guide To Boxes.

So next time you are thinking of buying your cat a new toy, by yourself something instead…just make sure it comes in a box!


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