They Made Tiny Safety Road Signs For The City’s Adorable Residents

A project to help protect animals

We all try to be the best drivers we can be when we’re on the road. We do our best to ensure safety measures, because we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.

But people aren’t the only ones who’ve been victims of vehicular accidents. Animals have also suffered terrible ordeals due to human mishaps.

That’s why CLINIC 212, a marketing and communications firm based in Lithuania, started a project to help protect these animals. Their latest installation, TinyRoadSign, aims to enable driver awareness around areas that are wooded, or that are populated by animals.

Most importantly, the project serves to remind us that humans aren’t the only ones who inhabit a city and compose its vitality. Read on to find out how this incredible team helped make the city a safer place for animals.

CLINIC22, a creative agency based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, started project "#TinyRoadSign" to protect the city's many animal species from road accidents.

The creative team wanted to build tiny animal road signs that would "show that we are not the only ones living in the city," said its website. They were also installed to remind walkers, drivers, and cyclists that both humans and animals inhabit the city.

"I saw a hedgehog passing through the street and it was so dark that the taxi driver barely saw hedgie," project manager Martynas Karpovicius told The Huffington Post. Thus, he set out to make a road sign in Vingis Park, a popular park in the city.

The team put up the tiny road signs in four different locations. There are now two signs in Vingis Park — one for birds and another for hedgehogs.

Two others stand nearby: one for other birds (specifically, ducks), and the other for homeless cats.

The street signs are extremely well-made. They come complete with colored edging and the animals' silhouettes. In addition, the designers have drawn tiny crosswalks to go with the signs.

While the tiny road signs can be viewed as works of art, they remind us that as humans who coexist with other species, we have a civic duty to be mindful and respectful of them.


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