A Couple Transforms Their Boring Balcony Into A Puppy Playground

They stay barren or become cluttered with junk

It’s that adorable!
Some people have a room or spot in their house that completely perplexes them. They just don’t know what to do with it.

It’s a good problem, but a problem nonetheless.

Usually these spaces are a basement, extra closet or room, shed, or parlor — and what usually happens to them is one of two things. They stay barren or become cluttered with junk.

So, it’s especially really satisfying when you stumble upon someone who finds a brilliant and creative solution to their spare-space dilemma. It’s also a huge bonus if they dedicate the area to someone special — like a four-legged friend.

Reddit user trolollies and their partner decided to utilize their yawn of a balcony for the greater good — and by the greater good, I mean for ultimate cuteness. I mean, when I saw what they did, I squealed with glee! It’s that adorable.

And with zero DIY experience, these two truly transformed a drab space into something into something really special…

Their empty, boring balcony was acting as wasted space. So they decided to do something very unique to it without any kind of DIY experience.

They bought 8-foot light timber and cut them to size. “I've never used a hand saw in my life,” said trolollies. “It wasn't easy.”

They made a “nice and light but still stable and strong” picket fence and added a bit of paint.

Next they added a doghouse and some synthetic grass.

Finally they planted some African daisies for a pretty pop of color. “I also painted a piece of plywood and individual 3D letters for the sign. Franklin loves it.”

Being that they started with this plan, I think they should be proud of the puppy play area they created!


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