The Legendary Life Of Einstein

Leading up to and following his world-changing discoveries

The founder of relativity
Have you ever wondered how Einstein, the founder of relativity, spent his life leading up to and following his world-changing discoveries?

Founders And Funders have created an infographic that explores How Einstein Started and details his legendary life. In the early years of his life and even into his teenage years, young Albert Einstein was often considered a slow learner and was even told that he would never succeed, a comment that would later undoubtedly add to his decision to drop out of school.

After dropping his German citizenship and continuing to fail his college entrance exams, Einstein finally gets into a college after a year and at the age of 16 conducts his first thought experiment. Still, when he finally graduated from college at the age of 21 he was placed at the bottom of his class and was the only pupil to not receive a job offer.

Yet, just five years later he would discover that light is a particle and a wave at the same time and concoct the most famous equation in history: E=mc2. Sounds confusing doesn’t it? How can such a brilliant man fail repeatedly and still become one of the most famous scientists in history? Take a look at Einstein’s entire inspiring timeline below!


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