7 Reasons to Be Your Own Boss ...

All of the positives that can arise from being self employed

Big decision to start working for yourself
Making the big decision to start working for yourself and being your own boss can be a scary one in the face of all of the potential problems that could arise, but what is also important is to keep in mind all of the positives that can arise from being self employed. Here are seven of the best reasons to work for yourself.

1. Flexible Working Hours

You will never have to worry about being late to the office again. Being self employed means that you can set your own hours and mold your professional life around your personal life in the best way possible.

You might need to work extra and longer hours at the beginning while you get your business up and running but you then work toward a much more flexible working schedule. If you want to work at 2 in the morning or start at 5pm, that’s up to you.

2. You Gain Self-Discipline

A natural consequence of working for yourself means that you develop an innate sense of self-discipline that you can then use in all areas of life. Knowing that your business depends solely on your input can really inspire and push you to go that extra mile and not procrastinate. You will learn to set goals for your business and for your life – and sometimes they go hand in hand.

3. No Financial Middle Man

No matter what job you have, your boss is always making more money than you. Fix this problem by becoming your own boss and benefitting from much more of the cash flow of the business. Gone are the days when you have to work on commission, making something like 10% for each sale!

Even if you’re earning less, there’s a greater satisfaction in knowing it’s all yours (apart from the bit you have to give over to taxes).

4. Live Your Own Dream

Whereas you may not be satisfied with fitting in to the business dream and model of someone else, becoming self employed allows you to live the professional dream that you have always harbored. Why help somebody else build his or her dream when you could be building your own?

5. A Sense of Self Accomplishment

There is nothing to boost your confidence and give you self-satisfaction like seeing a business that you built with your own resources begin to flourish. It may take some time and the road may be hard, but there is no comparison once you are settled and comfortable.

6. Important Life Lessons Are Learned

Making the jump into self-employment will result in your learning life lessons that you were never prepared for in school or college. These lessons will be tough, but will be ultimately character building and will make both a better business figure and person.

7. You Make Your Own Rules

You will never have to follow the rules of another boss again. From here on in it’s your rules all the way, which mixed with your newly found self discipline and learned life lessons, will surely make for the best working experience you have ever had.

It is a huge step, it comes with hard work and sacrifice but the rewards are fabulous. I gave up my very well paid position 5 years ago and I wish I had done it earlier. Have you got ambitions to work for yourself?


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