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Clean out your fridge, get rid of the junk

You must eat the right foods
There are certain things that you should have in your fridge at all times. Maybe your friends or your family members come over unannounced or maybe you just want to stay healthy and to do so, you must eat the right foods. So clean out your fridge, get rid of the junk and stock the shelves with some nutritious choices. The journey you take to achieve weight loss or weight maintenance success can be a long and arduous one and it takes a lot of work and dedication. One of the easiest things you can do to reach this wellness goal is to stock your fridge with all kinds of healthy choices, so you can prepare a wide variety of nutritious meals in no time. Here are 7 things you should have in your fridge at all times:

1. Milk

This is one of those essential foods that you should have in your fridge at all times. It’s a great source of calcium and when added to cereals, it’s the perfect breakfast that will help you feel energized throughout the entire day. Try to buy milk in opaque containers to protect it from light, which can significantly reduce the vitamin content.

2. Eggs

Eggs are not only a protein-packed food, but they are also a necessary ingredient for many baked goods. Try to keep them in their carton on a lower shelf to guard them against the loss of moisture and carbon dioxide. Even though their shells may look impermeable, they can easily absorb flavors and odors.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is also one of those foods that you should never be without. It’s great for making fruit smoothies, you can put it on top of granola or fresh fruit or you can use it as a substitute for higher fat sour cream. If you want to enjoy more flavor, try to go for the low-fat yogurt instead of the non-fat one.

4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

If you want to eat healthy, then you should have fresh fruit and vegetables in your fridge at all times. Try to keep them in separate crisper drawers because ethylene gas produced by ripening fruit can easily spoil nearby vegetables. Also, try to add bags of baby spinach or other salad greens to your shopping list if you want to stay happy and healthy.

5. Chicken Stock

This is another valuable ingredient that you should have in your fridge at all times. You can use it for a wide variety of foods like mashed potatoes, rice or you can use it to sauté vegetables for a richer flavor without oil or butter. Look for low-sodium or organic chicken stock since these are healthier choices.

6. Parmesan Cheese

You should always have some parmesan cheese in your fridge and you should also keep some pasta in your cupboard so you’ll always be able to make a quick healthy and tasty meal. Try to replace that mellow, soft cheese that you love with some sharp, harder ones like parmesan or cheddar since a small amount of them is packed with flavor. This way, you save lots of dollars and fat grams.

7. Condiments

If you want to flavor your foods without adding a ton of calories or fat, you should always keep light dressings, sauces, vinegars, mustards, relishes and salsas in your fridge. You can store them in the door of your fridge and they will help you make your food taste amazing.

There are a lot of things people should keep in their fridge at all times. I just mentioned a few in this little article, but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list.


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