7 Little Ways to up Your Style Game ...

It can be tough to up your style game

Want to look super stylish?
Whether you’ve got a job interview where you’ve got to dress to impress or you simply want to look super stylish on the first day of school, it can be tough to up your style game. If you’re looking for a few great tips about making your style stand out, these tips are sure to come in handy. I’m sure that if you follow even one or two of these tips, you’ll be sure to turn heads and impress!

1. Accessorize

I think accessories can instantly change any look from simple into one that looks like you took hours crafting and cultivating into the perfect outfit. If you’re in a hurry but want to look fashionable and like you’re really in control of your life, the perfect accessories will solve all of your fashion woes!

2. Layer

Have you ever envied fashion on a certain TV show and have been unable to figure out what exactly it is that makes their style so great? I’ve come up with a theory that what the costume designers on those shows are doing is simple—layering! Simply layer a few of your favorite pieces that you wouldn’t think to layer, whether it’s a blazer with a denim shirt and a statement necklace or a pull-over sweater with your favorite summer dress. Whatever it is, layering adds instant depth to your favorite pieces!

3. Add Some Color

If you look into your closet and see one tone, it may be time to add some much-needed color to your wardrobe. It can be tough, especially if you’re comfortable in the colors you’re used to wearing. However, if you start adding different colors to your wardrobe, you’d be surprised just how much people will take notice!

4. Or Take Some out!

On the other hand, if you’re a huge fan of color, try going in the opposite direction every once in a while. Wear a monochromatic outfit to look especially chic, or just experiment with mixing neutrals from time to time. The look will be more subdued, but it will be a change from your usual look!

5. Go for Different Textures

Different textures instantly add so much depth to an outfit. Whether you’re mixing textures that you usually wear in different seasons or something simpler, you’d be surprised just how much wearing different textures can make your look appear more stylish and put-together!

6. Wear One Statement Color

We’ve all heard about a statement piece, but now it’s time for the statement color! A statement color is so easy and will make you stand out so quickly. Go for a mostly monochromatic, neutral outfit, and then add a pop of color to it, like a bright pink coat or something similar that will stand out whether you’re walking down the street or going to a job interview.

7. Wear Heels

I, like most women, tend to stay away from heels as often as possible, but I can admit that they add the perfect touch to any outfit. Even though most of them are uncomfortable, I think we can all admit that they’re worth it to achieve that perfect look!


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