7 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Young Women and Teens ...

Our diets don't contain the nutrients young bodies crave

The importance of nutrition
Unfortunately, young women and teens often don't realize the importance of nutrition until after passing through this critical stage in their lives. But the truth is, our diets, which consist of sweets and junk food more often than not, don't contain the nutrients young bodies crave. If changing your eating habits is too difficult right now, try these vitamins and supplements to feel, look, and live healthier!

1. Look Cute

Probably one of the bigger concerns within this demographic is looking cute! But did you know there's a pill for that? It's not a plastic surgery or makeup pill—although we may be headed that way!—but it's a vitamin called biotin that will help your hair, skin, and nails look better the more you take it consistently! It's one of my personal favorite vitamins, especially for young women and teens.

2. Feel Great

Looking cute is fun and all, but what's more important is feeling great! You might not realize how great your body could feel if you treated it properly by giving it all the proper nutrients it needs. B Vitamins will help you with that, especially if you're experimenting with vegetarianism as many high school and college-aged women do for the first time. Taking a vitamin B complex (which includes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 ) should help you regenerate cells faster, avoid serious illness in the future, and feel more energetic.

3. Live Healthier

When it comes to Vitamin C, teens usually don't have enough of it! Vitamin C doesn't necessarily make a cold disappear faster, like your mom may have told you growing up. But it does boost your immune system, which will ultimately help prevent illness, and helps heal wounds quicker so that overall you'll live a healthier life!

4. Live Longer

Vitamin D is especially important to women, and it's better to start sooner than later. This vitamin helps prevent breast and ovarian cancer. Do you really want to live in fear of cancer taking your life when you know you could have done something to prevent it? Definitely not! It might take just one more vitamin per day to live longer.

5. Be Smarter

If you're a student, I'm sure you'd love to be smarter! What if there was a totally legal, totally natural, even healthy way to do that? Lucky for you, there is if you take Omega-3 supplements. Not only have studies shown that Omega-3 decreases chances of Alzheimer's disease and dementia and improves mental functioning for people with dyslexia and ADHD, they've also proven that it helps the average girl process information faster.

6. Feel Normal Again

Something changes at around age 12 to 14 and we all know what it is—that monthly visit from Aunt Flo, the week the painter's are in, surfing the crimson wave, Mother Nature's gift, etc. When girls start menstruating, their iron levels often drop. You may have even noticed that you began to feel more lethargic after starting your first period. That isn't just a part of adult life, it's an imbalance within your body which you can correct by taking iron supplements!

7. Grow Taller

A bad habit a lot of teens have yet to kick is drinking soda. Even if it's low fat, zero carb, zilch calorie whatever, it still isn't good for you! It's filled with phosphate which lowers your calcium levels as your phosphate levels increase. Once you stop drinking soda and start taking calcium supplements, you may be able to grow that extra inch you've been trying to gain since middle school!

Don't wait until you're 40 to start taking vitamins and supplements! Then you'll just be playing catch up. Focus on your health and happiness now, and you'll live a much better life currently as well as in the future!


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