Pit Bull Can’t Stop Hugging Guy Who’s Singing To Him

Serenading the pit bull with a very charming but funny song

It’s an extremely sweet moment
Doogie the pit bull loves it when his human plays him a song. But when his owner reavealed that he’d written his pup his very own “Doogie” song, this sweet pup couldn’t contain himself!

In the video, Doogie’s owner, Shane K., serenades the pit bull with a very charming but funny song. As soon as he starts singing, the dog jumps on his shoulders and gets as close as he can. The proud pet owner can barely get through the song with Doogie licking Shane’s face and hugging him throughout the whole song.

Although the video was filmed back in 2008, it is making the round again on social media — and we can see why! It’s an extremely sweet moment. This just goes to prove that pit bulls can make very sweet and loyal family dogs when raised in a loving home.

Doogie really seems to be enjoying every moment with his owner and refuses to move the whole time. The gentle pit bull even begins gently nuzzling with his owner as he plays and sings. And just wait to see how excited Doogie gets when he hears the word “walk.”

Have you ever seen anything like this before?! This sweet pit bull is guaranteed to make your day brighter!


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